eMobi is a family & group organizer with GPS Locator Chat To Do List, facilitates information and coordination .

The information is restricted and protected within the group

GPS Locator Tracker Geofense for your family or group

• View group’s location on a map, it is accessible only by authorized users

• View battery level of each member

• View location history by day and by member with the possibility of reconstructing the journey step by step

• Choose what can see each member of the group

• Share a list of tasks / purchases and edit it collaboratively

• Receive alerts when a group member arrives at a place (geofence), parks and / or leaves the geofence.

Geofences are configurable, they can be defined to mark an especific place like work, school, library .

• Track a lost or stolen phone

• Login with Google, Facebook or email/password

List of events in chronological form of entrances, exits and parkings in geofences and other events

Private group chat for users,

You can add or remove group members

Premium Account, a plan that brings incredible features for a small monthly charge. You can even try it for free for 7 days if you wish.

Premium Account includes:

• Unlimited geofenses

• No advertisements.

• Two weeks of position history.

• Two weeks of events history.

• More items in to-do / shopping list.

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