eMobi is a GPS Family Locator ( Parental monitoring, localize son , daughter, child ) with group Chat, collaborative 360 To Do list or Shopping list. The information is restricted and protected within the group. Privacy: the aim of this app is to ease everyone every day life (avoiding sending text messages or calls ) and not to spy anyone, so this all users can enable or disable position sharing wheever they want . Functions: • View group's location on a map ( Locator GPS ), it is accessible only by authorized users • View battery level of each member • Get an alarm if someone of your group is running out of battery • View location history by day and by member with the possibility of reconstructing the journey step by step • Share a list of tasks / or shopping list and edit it collaboratively • Receive alerts when a group member arrives at a place (geofence), parks and / or leaves the geofence. Geofences are configurable, they can be defined to mark an especific place like work, school, library . • Track a lost or stolen cell phone • Login with Google, Facebook or email/password • List of events in chronological form of entrances, exits and parkings in geofences and other events • Private group chat for users, This app is FREE with a GENEROUS FREE account, but you can choose Premium Account, a plan that brings incredible features for a small monthly charge. You can even try it for free for some days if you wish. Premium Account includes: • Unlimited geofenses • No advertisements. • Two weeks of position history. • Two weeks of events history. • More items in to-do / shopping list.